Dour festival. Day 2.

Dour festival. Day 2.

Day two at Dour starts with yet another bright blue sky. The sun is burning hot, forcing the sleeping visitors out of their tents and into the safety of the shadowy trees. Dour awakes slowly. After a long night full of dance beats and wild dancing, the morning seems to have come a bit too early for most people.

The first act, Robbing Millions, plays in the almost empty Jupiler X  Marquee. The largest tent at the festival is a bit too big for the indie rock group from Brussels, but that doesn’t seem to bother the audience at all. The band creates a vivacious atmosphere with their weird melodies and drum parts. The keys place a thick layer of sound under the reverb drenched vocals and guitars. It all comes together in the grand finale where the audience is blown away by an impressive wall of noise.

Smiles are everywhere when Darwin Deez starts the show with synchronously dancing in their 80′s inspired outfit on a simple beat. The band is having a lot of fun while dancing and as they take their places and grab their instruments everybody knows that this show will be amazing. The band lives up to that expectation by playing hits like ‘DNA’ and ‘Radar detector’ and continuing their dancing pauses and even dance battles throughout the entire show.

Rock ‘n roll meets glam rock as The Van Jets take the stage in the Jupiler X Marquee. Loud synths and screaming guitars are the perfect ingredients for a good old rock show. Front man Johaness Verschaeve impersonates a rock legend, wearing bright red pants, white patent leather shoes and his eyes are lined with a thick layer of mascara.  The vibe is good, the audience is willing and the band plays very tight. People dance, sing and scream whenever the band asks them to.

The Boombox stage is jam packed when Cashmere Cat starts his show. His mix of dreamy ambient melodies and intelligent beats and rhythms take the crowd into another world. The bass is so loud and so low the entire tent shivers on the rhythm. The set is well designed, Cashmere Cat works carefully to a climax, that often result in surprising beats. The crowd accepts every climax as a gift and dances even to the weirdest rhythms. The grand finale is quite brilliant. Cashmere Cat works towards James Blake’s Limit to you love, which is greatly  appreciated by the crowd. After the fourth round of “There’s a limit to your love”, Cashmere closes the laptop and simply walks away, followed by an enormous applause from the audience.

In the meantime, it looks like the entire crowd has assembled in front of the Last Arena where The Vaccines will perform. They start off with hits like ‘Post-break up sex’ and have the audience completely in their power. People are dancing and crowd-surfing everywhere. A good starter for a night of dancing (Amon Tobin will make the Dance Hall go crazy and Mujeres does the same with the Cannibal Stage), drinking and probably crawling back to your tent.

Written by Rients van Ganswijk & Liza Krudde