Dour festival. Day four.

Dour festival. Day four.

It’s like the sun knows it’s the last day of Dour and she’s determined to shine even harder than the days before. A few bands have to cancel their performance today but that doesn’t seem to bother the crowd who dare their way out of the shadows around 2 o’clock, just in time for the first bands. This day is the last so, as determined as the sun, the crowd is determined to make it the best day possible.

The schedule of La Petite Maison dans la Praire is turned around, so the Spectors start 50 minutes later than planned. The crowd waits patiently in the shadow of the tent until the 5 members enter the stage. This is one of the few bands that plays on Dour where the female race is more represented (frontwoman Marieke Hutsebaut, drummer Stefanie Mannaerts and percussionist Hannah Vandenbussche). When the crowd screams ‘I LOVE YOU. I WANNA MARRY YOU’ and throws used boxershorts at the stage, you know as a band that you’re doing something right.

Buster Shuffle is a very British band, specialized in ska and shuffle music. They remind strongly of Madness but with their own sound and enthusiasm. The temperature is rising but the band members don’t seem to mind, they dance and jump and scream just as loudly as the probably would do on any other day. The crowd happily copies that behavior and goes wild when the band plays a cover of Prodigy’s ‘Out of Space’.

After their Hedenblij session Yew plays on The Last Arena stage. The band is rocking folkmusic which is an interesting combination and they are doing it well. While the band plays, the frontman is moving around the microphones and just when you start wondering ‘why?’, the band comes together to sing a harmonious chorus which shows the closeness of the band members very well.

It seems like a lot of people had waited a while for this concert ‘cause when Concrete Knives enters the stage the applause is long and the cheering is loud. The first song is strong and starts mystic and majestic and from that moment on it only gets better and better. This band is well put together and interacts like an amazing team. You can hear the cheering from the crowd from far away after every song.

After all this there is so much more to see: Young Rival and Thee Oh Sees will rock La Petite Maison dans la Praire. Kadavar will do the same at the Cannibal stage and of course The Smashing Pumpkins will close the Last Arena with and amazing concert. And then it’s over, it’s done. The last night of dancing, drinking and crawling has arrived but without a good night sleep because before 12 o’clock Monday morning the whole campsite needs to be empty. And then Dour will just be Dour again, but without the noise, without the thousands of people, and without these amazing 5 days of love & alternative music.