Elliott Brood Album Release

Elliott Brood Album Release

Elliott Brood is back! The Toronto based trio will release their 3rd album entitled Days Into Years  the  11th of February 2013.

Elliott Brood have always been time travelers. The band writes songs seeped in history that feel very present. That’s what they did with this new album too. On the band’s first European tour back in 2007 they found themselves driving through the backroads of France. Vocalist Mark Sasso, guitarist Casey Laforet and drummer Stephen Pithkin, all enthusiasts of military history, raised on the harrowing stories of Canadians in Word War 1, were simply looking to avoid the toll highways. Then they came upon a sign for a WW1 military cemetery.

“We’d been driving through Belgium and France, always passing by these historical war places and we decided to pull over and take this one in,” recalls Mark. “We saw all these Canadian names, and it really resonated with us, these young guys that had gone off to war. I knew all about it from reading books, but when you actually visit a place where the battles were, it hits you a lot harder. We said, ‘We need to write a record about this.”

Opening track “Lindsay” invites you into process of revisiting one’s life while cleaning out an old family home. “If I Get Old” daydreams of making it through difficult times, Days Into Years presents these reflections as a celebration of life, particularly on “Northern Air”, a love letter both to the rural Ontario landscape and the memory of a departed friend whose spirit now resides there.

You can buy Days Into Years at Elliott Brood’s website.

You can listen to an acoustic version of “Lindsay” down below.