Hedenblij Team: Denice

Hedenblij Team: Denice

Curious about who these people are recommending music at Hedenblij? In these series, you will get to know the Hedenblij writers a little bit better. Every week you will be able to read a new story on one of the team members and their love for music. They will tell you all about their musical favorites as well as what they do when they are not listening to music. If you have any questions left for them, just shoot!

Emma and Eric have already shared their stories with us and this week Denice will tell you more about herself.

Age: 25
From: Arnhem, The Netherlands
Work/study: I study Illustration Design at ArtEZ Art Academy in Zwolle (www.tuureluure.nl).

What is your favorite album?
Of all time: Radiohead – OK Computer, nowadays: Alt JAn Awesome Wave.

What is your favourite albumcover art?
Efterklang has got really great cover art for many albums. A very nice Danish design studio called Hvass & Hannibal designed them. I think I like
the design of Piramida the most because it has this lovely scandinavian style with a great ballance of illustrations, stunning photographs and other graphic solutions. I also really love the different kinds of paper they used.

Do you prefer music on a record, a cd or digital?

Digital for my music on the road and at home. If I really like the artist I will collect CD’s.

What is your favourite music video?
Tame Impala – Half full glass of wine. I really like the handcrafted stuff in this music video. It seems neverending and that fits perfectly with the song.

What was the best concert you were at?
It’s hard to pick only one. Last year I saw The Shins and Alt J in de Melkweg, Amsterdam, those were both fenomenal but I would have to say Bright Eyes, Cassadaga Tour in 2007. I saw them in de Effenaar, Eindhoven and it was pure magic. Conor Oberst had everything: costumes, flowers and even an orchestra. There was also a person that was making art in a fish bowl with water and paint, which was directly projected on the stage during the show. Recently I have been to an Efterklang concert and I have to say that it comes very very close to my first Bright Eyes gig. Interaction with the audience was the most equal and very important ingredient of both concerts. I think Efterklang is one of those bands you just need to see perform live for at least once in your life.

Which band or artist would you like to see perform live?
Keaton Henson. Without a doubt. And Motorama but I am going to see them in only a few weeks from now, so that is another wish coming true.

What is your favourite discovery by your Hedenblij-colleagues last year?
I would have to say Sin Fang, although I was allready known with Seabear and Sóley, who are both related to Sin Fang.

Hedenblij is about new music, but what is your favourite old music?
From time to time I love to listen to Jean Ritchie. Especially a song called Careless love. For some reason the whistling reminds me of a movie I used to watch when I was a child, it was called The Secret Garden.

What do you do besides listening to good music?
Enjoying life, while it lasts. Making good new memories and think of them every single day.

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