Hedenblij team: Emma

Hedenblij team: Emma

Curious about who these people are recommending music at Hedenblij? In these series, you will get to know the Hedenblij writers a little bit better. Every week you will be able to read a new story on one of the team members and their love for music. They will tell you all about their musical favorites as well as what they do when they are not listening to music. If you have any questions left for them, just shoot!

Name: Emma Berger
Age: 21
From: Michigan, USA
Work/study: BFA University of Michigan School of Art & Design (emma-berger.com)

What is your favorite album?
Recently, I’ve really gotten into Lord Huron, Lonesome Dreams. It’s one of those albums you love listening to in its entirety, no fast-forwarding necessary. And anything William Fitzsimmons touches is gold.

What is your favorite album cover art?
My favorite album art is from Bon Iver, Bon Iver. The artist, Gregory Euclide, makes me weak in the knees.

Do you prefer music on a record, a cd or digital?
When I’m working in the studio, I prefer records but throughout the day, I always have my iPod playing – digital is the most convenient for running (:

What is your favorite music video?
Besides Lana Del Rey, Ride… I love A-Ha Take On Me from 1985.  There’s something about a love story between the two dimensional world and real life. Powerful stuff.

What was the best concert you were at?
Man, it’s hard to pick just one. Breathe Owl Breathe is always a good time. Micah is hilarious and the band is so unique and talented. Anytime they are in town I make it a priority to see them.

Which band or artist would you like to see perform live?
I would love to see DeYarmond Edison come out on a reunion tour.
James Taylor is also on my bucket list.

What is your favorite discovery by your Hedenblij-colleagues last year?
I dig Dave Gerard and the Watchmen but Kim Janssen takes the cake.

Hedenblij is about new music, but what is your favorite old music?
It doesn’t seem too old to me but I grew up listening to James Taylor, Earth Wind and Fire, and Stevie Wonder. Their music never gets old.

What do you do besides listen to good music?
I work on graphic design and illustration for bands, drink too much coffee, and take care of a crazy blue heeler mutt.

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