Hedenblij team: Freya

Hedenblij team: Freya

Curious about who these people are recommending music at Hedenblij? In these series, you will get to know the Hedenblij writers a little bit better. Every week, you will be able to read a new story on one of the team members and their love for music. They will tell you all about their musical favorites as well as what they do when they are not listening to music. If you have any questions left for them, just shoot!

EmmaEric and Denice have already shared their stories with us. Now, with some delay, Freya will tell you more about herself.

Name: Freya la Lau
Age: 26
From: Breda, The Netherlands
Work/study: Student Communication & Multimedia design and intern at Motel Mozaique festival in Rotterdam.

What is your favorite album?
My favorite album is Becoming a Jackal by Villagers. I have been listening to it since it exists and I never get bored of it. Their second album Awayland was released last January and although this is also a great album, their first one is still my favorite.

What is your favorite album cover art?
This is a hard one, I have been listening to digital music for a long time. I do like nostalgic looking photographs of ordinary things for album covers, like Balthazar‘s Rats and Motorama‘s Alps. Maybe because for me, CD’s have a nostalgic feel to it as well. The Motorama album cover represents a kind of youthful freedom and carelessness.

Do you prefer music on a record, a cd or digital?
I have been listening to music digitally for quite some time, but I am rediscovering CD’s more and more. Mostly because of the album covers and booklets, but it is also a token of appreciation to the artist. If I really like the music, I am more than willing to spend  money on CD’s and gigs.

What is your favorite music video?
That is Keaton Henson‘s Do you know how lucky you are. I like how the music and video cooperate to make you feel depressed :). Although the video is just one image of a crying woman, I could not stop watching it. I was surprised by how this simple looking music video could drag me into it and affect my mood.

What was the best concert you were at?
I am going to choose a night in the Catharina church in Eindhoven with James Vincent McMorrow, Scott Matthew and Brett Dennen. In the week of this show, there was a light festival  in the city of Eindhoven, which meant that the entire church was covered in projections, on the outside as well as on the inside.  It was a pretty amazing experience!

Which band or artist would you like to see perform live?
I really want to see Woodkid live. Fortunately he is going to perform at Motel Mozaique festival, with an Orchestra composed by Kyteman! Really looking forward to that.

What is your favorite discovery by your Hedenblij-colleagues?
That would be Lord Huron.

Hedenblij is about new music, but what is your favorite old music?
I like to listen to Bob Dylan and The Beatles occasionally, but my dad is a huge Queen fan so I grew up listening to their music and watching their documentary’s and live footage.

What do you do besides listen to good music?
Obviously I like to visit concerts and festivals, but also museums and exhibitions. I love analogue photography so it is likely that you will see me running around with an old or plastic camera. Right now I am very busy promoting Motel Mozaique festival – a festival with excellent music, art and performances in the city of Rotterdam during the first weekend of April.

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