Yesterday we received an email from Greece. Singer/songwriter LogOut asked us to listen to his music. So that’s what we did.
LogOut’s music is pretty special, his classical style of playing guitar is really cool. It gives his music a southern Europe touch.

Until recently, his songs were channeled mainly to the musical group The Place Within, while last year he begun to make solo live appearances using the technique of live-looping. Besides songwriting, he has also participated in theatrical performances by Abovo, lias Karellas and Contra Tempo.

His debut album, “Paper Plane Flight Recorder” was released in November 2011 on Inner Ear, while his next album, produced by Hristos Lainas, is scheduled for 2012.

You can listen to his debut-album down here. My personal favourite is #2 Where It Goes. Enjoy!

Paper Plane Flight Recorder by logoutcloud