Mariecke Borger – debut album ‘Through My Eyes’

Mariecke Borger – debut album ‘Through My Eyes’

Mariecke Borger is a dutch singer-songwriter who just recently (March 15th) released her debut album, ‘Through My Eyes’. While she is still quite young, she dropped a great sounding, mature album.

Mariecke was born in a very musical family and everyone kind of expected her to play good music. I think ‘Through My Eyes’ lives up to the expectations everyone could have had. It is very well recorded by Jan Borger and mastered by Eelco Grimm, the album gives the idea of being in her living room, where she recorded the album.

The music itself is very folk influenced, and it’s a great album for the finally arriving spring season. The supporting band makes a great foundation for Mariecke, her voice is the crown. It’s all about her songs and lyrics, which are about her relations and struggles with relations.

I’ve enjoyed this album, and I will certainly listen to it a lot this spring. We just might ask her to do a Hedenblij Session and/or Hedenblij room concert. Mariecke will be officially releasing her album the 4th of May in Estrado, Harderwijk.

Listen to her album on Spotify right here:

Or just listen to the single, All That I Need.