Ogen consists of one single member: singer-songwriter, Mathieu Holubowski.

Though Ogen was first established in March 2013, Holubowski has hoarded an eclectic set of compositions written over the course of several years of travel experiences across Europe, Africa, and South East Asia. His studies in politics and philosophy also contributed to his desire to meticulously match words to music.

Inspired by the local sounds of Patrick Watson and Dallas Green, as well as iconic wordsmiths Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Ogen’s objective is to ontribute to a reintegration of folklore in popular music.

Ogen’s debut album saw its inception in summer of 2013, under the guidance of local producer Connor Seidel, at Evermoor Audio. However, the nearly completed 8-track LP was temporarily set aside in September, and the subsequent months were spent re-writing it in its entirety, as Holubowski sought to reinvent the artistic direction the project was going in.

Much of the writing for his first album took shape through various volunteer experiences, in which he sought to engender positive change in his local community, as well as those abroad, by working with youth, the homeless, terminally-ill patients, and people infected and affected by HIV/AIDs.

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