The Rag Trade.

The Rag Trade.

How do you get music that at times makes you want to curl up in bed with tea and watch autumnleaves and rain pass your window,
and at other times makes you want to go out in that same rain, twirl around with a big smile on your face and just let it fall down on you?
(This will also work when the sun shines, but we’re heading towards autumn here.)

Let me give you the recipe: first you take a group of highschool friends that are musically gifted, you give them some instruments and some life experience, make them change members sometime, let them grow and attend conservatory and finally let them make their own album.

There you go, a fine new amazing band with a sound that makes you go ‘hush’ when someone’s talking. The Rag Trade.
Their 90ties-alternative-pop-inspired songs with personal lyrics and beautiful music (Pedalsteel! Harmonica!) are touching and the rythms and rhymes will haunt you, in a nice way, for a while.

Their (untitled) album will be released september 18th (which is tomorrow, exciting right?)*.

Please do listen to it yourself, and don’t forget to put on a coat when you go outside dancing in the rain!

*This article is written based on an exclusive preview of the album.