Treetop Flyers

Treetop Flyers

DGR got us a nice promotional album again: Treetop Flyers with their upcoming album ‘The Mountain Moves’ which will be released at the 29th of april, 2013.

With their quintessential vintage West Coast sound, it’s fitting that Treetop Flyers laid down their outstanding country soul debut in the canyons of Southern California. Though based in London, the British five-piece – Reid Morrison (vocals/guitar), Sam Beer (guitar/vocails), Laurie Sherman (guitar), Matthew Starritt (bass/vocals) and the band’s lone American Tomer Danan (drums/vocals) – swapped urban England for the picturesque beaches and rolling hills of Malibu in order to record the classic sounding ‘The Mountain Moves’.

“Our music makes sense there,” explains Sam. yet ‘The Mountain Moves’ hits home far beyond the reaches of Los Angeles. A record of hope, honesty and huge choruses, its universally reaching songs are strewn with sunshine-infused four-part harmonies, propelled by an irrefutable open-highway groove. Paying their dues to everyone from The Band and Neil Young by way of Little Feat and Fleetwood Mac, There are also gracious nods towards the more contemporary likes of My Morning Jacket, The Coral and Jonathan Wilson wrapped up in these 11 time traveling tracks. They also make us think of Kings of Leon in times of ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ and ‘Youth and Young Manhood’.

You can listen to the opening track ‘Things Will Change’ down here. As said: the full album will be released at 29th of april, 2013.

‘Is It All Worth It’ will be the last song on the album.