Tyler Lyle

Tyler Lyle

Tyler Lyle about this album:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large” says Whitman, “I contain multitudes.”

This small collection of songs was written by the caprice of some of the strange passengers in my head. I can’t point to which one wrote what, because as soon as I realize that I’m being led down a strange road, he vanishes before I’ve reach the end of it. I look around, astonished that the page is full of a stranger’s handwriting and claim it as my own. The theme is alienation- isolation- the november of the soul that begins to suspect that, damn it, this might just be it, and it’s not going well.

This was tracked at my dad’s home studio in Roopville, Georgia over the course of three days in June and then tinkered with at Joel Seibel’s studio in Atlanta, Georgia off and on for about six months.

I view this as a dark, pensive intermission of sorts. I spent a year in LA accumulating songs that I’m proud of that will never be released, and songs that will, and songs you’ll hear sung by other artists and you won’t know that I had a part in it. I hesitate to put this small collection out because the feel, the intention, even the themes aren’t similar to what’s on the horizon, but I think there’s something worthwhile in these expatriate songs- these songs meant for chewing on, not for swallowing (for the quiet minority that still have their teeth after ten years of auto tune and a four on the floor drum pads). *

For the family members whose likeness I’ve used on the cover and haven’t recieved permission (which is all of them)- thanks in advance for letting me share this picture. The heavy roots that you carry are the heavy roots that I carry and the heavy roots we pass along. You will rage in me until I die- there is a strange solace there.

This is for the last few dark cold days of winter when the books are heavier, the thoughts are stranger, and the light is more foreign.

thank you.

*No offense to the auto tune or drum pads- that side project is on it’s way shortly.