Win tickets to EF in Tilburg or Middelburg!

Win tickets to EF in Tilburg or Middelburg!

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted anything, but this might be a good starter for more.

EF, a swedish post-rock band. They’ve started around 2003, making their own mix of different styles. They are  Sweet and Heavy at the same time. Delusions of Grandeur is their latest EP, the vinyl version will come the 27th of September and the digital version the 1st of October. One of the amazing things about EF is that they are sweet and heavy at the same time; that they can convince an indie or post-rock crowd as much as a metal crowd.

Delusions of Grandeur worked like one big musical piece to me. It drags you along beautiful sceneries, lively emotions, intriguing harmonies and melodies, vast eruptions and when it is done it gently places you back on the couch.

Ticket Give-Away!
We’ve got great news for you, they will also be doing a 14 day European tour, starting September 22th. They will visit Holland in two places, Middelburg and Tilburg. If you want to be there, check our Facebook contest to win tickets to one of their shows in Holland!

One great reason to go:

“.. unlike a lot of their fellow post rock band colleagues suffering from delusions of grandeur, EF know how to party!”

Below are some older tracks to listen to while reserving your tickets!